About Us

How our Garden Works

We, the Miranda Community Gardeners, just love growing beautiful organic food and sharing it. We grow vegetables, herbs, berries, fruit trees, flowers and native plants. It’s amazing how much food we are able to produce! All our garden beds are communal and garden care and produce is shared between MCG members.

We care about the environment and we value the concept of sustainability. We produce our own soil by composting, our own fertilizer by worm farming and collect rainwater for watering our many garden beds.

Together, our members have many decades of experience in gardening and food management and preparation. For example, we have:

• a skilled and experienced horticulturalist
• a restauranteur
• cooks and caterers
• a native garden expert
• and many others with years of gardening experience.

We are grateful to Miranda Uniting Church for allowing us to use their land for our beautiful community garden.

Gardening takes place every Wednesday and Saturday morning commencing after about 9 am. Members come along on a day and time that suits them. To date over 30 garden beds are in operation.

We have installed rainwater tanks, an irrigation system, garden edging, paths, multiple compost bins, worm farms, seedling raising pods and we recently added raised garden beds to accommodate gardeners in wheelchairs and gardeners who have restricted mobility.

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Wheelchair Accessible Raised Garden Beds

Thanks to a recent grant from the Sutherland Shire Council Community Grants and Subsidies Program, the Miranda Community Garden has installed raised garden beds including three wheelchair accessible raised garden beds with concrete access paths. These facilities allow us to better accommodate gardeners in wheelchairs and gardeners who have restricted mobility. People who are interested in using these facilities are invited to join us at the garden any Saturday or Wednesday morning.

Our History

The Miranda Community Garden (MCG) was started by the Gymea Miranda Uniting Church in early 2010 on a block of land adjacent to and owned by the Gymea Miranda Uniting Church. The founder of the garden was Brian Gutherson, a member of the congregation.  The aims of the MCG are to connect with people of similar interests; to share gardening knowledge and ideas; to have fun and help each other; and, last but not least, to grow fresh vegetables, fruit, etc in a sustainable way. At present we have about 30 enthusiastic members, the vast majority from outside the church congregation. To find out more about the Gymea Miranda Uniting Church please look at the church website www.gm-uniting.org.au

The Miranda Community Garden gratefully acknowledges the following grants that have been received over the years to help establish and improve the garden:

  • NSW Government Community Building Partnership $9460 (2022)
  • Sydney Edible Garden Trail $500 (2021), $600 (2024)
  • Sutherland Shire Council Annual Community and Arts Grants Program: $28,777 since 2013 ($3080 in 2013; $7540 in 2014; $5947 in 2016; $1210 in 2018 and $11,000 in 2020).
  • Second Chance (an outreach of the Gymea-Miranda Uniting Church) for $2000 in 2010;
  • Uniting Church New Missional Gatherings Seed Fund ($5000 in 2010).

In addition, the Garden gratefully acknowledges the kind annual donations by Bunnings (Caringbah) of equipment and supplies to support the Garden.

The following slide presentation summarises the development of the MCG since its inception in 2010. The slides were shown at the church service to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Miranda Community Garden in March 2020. To view the slides see:  Click here (PDF 4.3Mg)